The greatest gift is to be a storyteller.

The Internet has made getting out a message infinitely easier but also infinitely more challenging. The cacophony of the web means it is easy for your message to get lost. You need a steward, someone to steer the content ship with confidence across all the platforms. You want your message to be always clear, concise, digestible, and memorable. You want to tell the story, your way. That’s what I can do.

Brad Vernet Needs You

When a Groton schoolteacher who lives in Mystic found out he needed a live donor for a somewhat urgent kidney transplant, Patch was there to help spread the word.


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A Survivor's Tale

Jennifer Geise of Stonington could relate to how the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School's young shooting victims felt. Her life was turned inside out in an instant as well, when a drunk teenage driver hit her husband's car head-on. She shared her story with Patch.


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'Invest in the Community'

I sat down with Alice Fitzpatrick on the eve of her retirement after 18 years at the helm of a major nonprofit in southeastern Connecticut. She traced her journey from divorced single mother to corporate executive to Peace Corps volunteer and beyond.

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Shell Shock

Sometimes, it's the little things. As a columnist for The Day for many years, I pulled from my every day life — and left no dirty laundry unaired — to tell stories that struck chords with readers.

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