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From Luanne Rice, New York Times bestselling author:

"HAPPY HOUR is a sparkling novel with one of the bravest, most fascinating heroines you'll ever meet. KK Rhinehart faces heartbreak head-on, with humor to combat the self-doubt, with the help of amazing friends, and with a most unexpected and wildly exciting chance at new love. Elissa Bass has created indelible characters, psychologically rich and true. She writes with wit and irony, with an open heart, and with the ability to make this poignant story in a seductive seaside setting read like a thriller. I couldn't stop turning the pages, and I'll admit that I was beaming through tears more than once. HAPPY HOUR has just become one of my favorite novels!"

happy hour front cover_edited.jpg

"Elissa Bass gets it done. No matter what obstacles are thrown in her path she meets her goals and not only does she meet them but her team does as well. A consummate motivator and a detail-oriented administrator, Elissa is one of the most reliable people I've worked with. She leads with compassion, understanding, and a can-do attitude. Oh, and by the way, she totally understands what makes a local audience tick and is an impressive tactician on that front."

— Jared Ranere, Partner,



"Elissa has a well deserved reputation as a leader. Whether it's guiding her team through major breaking news or helping form and execute plans for a major web site relaunch, Elissa makes it look easy. In fact, she always seems to add something special that makes everyone else stop and notice. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Elissa again."

— Andy Friedman
Chief Marketing Officer





"Elissa is an amazing asset to an organization. Her work ethic is amazing, her attention to detail is meticulous, and her positivity is infectious. You can give Elissa a plan, she'll execute it, and come back with five ways it could work better. Usually, this feedback will be about how the project could become more organic and interesting for audiences."

— John Ness
VP, Communities

SB Nation





"If you care at all about content, community or connection, you need Elissa on your team. She's an incredibly talented modern journalist and content strategist who combines inimitable traditional skills with total immersion in digital media. She knows in her bones how to create great content for the web and how to get it noticed. I've also never witnessed her actually rest until a job is done — ever."

— Katie Ryan O'Connor,

Senior Director of Content Marketing 





"I had the privilege of partnering with Elissa in her role as Senior Regional Editor at Patch in managing the P&L for 42 CT sites in the Hartford/New Haven/New London/Tolland counties of CT. Elissa built the CT market into one of top performing regions for visitors and engagement in Patch. And she did that thru her leadership and lead-from-the-front attitude. She tirelessly led the community marketing efforts to bring the message of Patch to businesses and consumers. She created cause partnerships with chambers of commerce, not-for-profits and regional consumer events that drove B2C and B2B awareness for the local Patch sites. She led specific editorial initiatives that drove consumer engagement and also created unique sales opportunities for our sales staff. She is well respected by her peers and community leaders alike. Elissa will be a huge asset for any company lucky enough to have her work for them. She made me better at my craft and I am proud to have partnered with her in our roles at Patch."

— Mike Pendergast

Great Closets of New England





"Elissa Bass leads by example, plain and simple. Entrepreneurial, she took the reins as a manager with Patch, and pushed the boundaries of what this revolutionary journalism model could and should be. An effective leader, Elissa leveraged all the tools at her disposal to achieve success, working tirelessly with her peers on both the content and the advertising side to grow her audience. She is a true pioneer and a valued colleague."

— Anthony Duignan-Cabrera

Principal Consultant
ADC Strategy





"When I was fresh out of school with my master's degree in journalism, Elissa was one of the Local and Regional Editors I came in contact with during my time freelance reporting for Patch. As a supervisor, Elissa demonstrated excellent communication skills, high editorial standards, and effectiveness in managing a team. She responded promptly to my emails and phone calls, gave clear directions for assignments, and acted as a mentor, someone I could model my own behavior on in the field. Elissa’s guidance and leadership capabilities stand out, and she would make a desirable candidate in editorial and management positions."

— Lauren Takores

Reporter at The Daily Record

"Elissa is the definition of 'savvy' when it comes to social media, digital strategy, and communications. Her talent and voice generated fresh connections and sparked new interest in our organization, helping to engage the local community while refreshing and streamlining our whole approach to doing business. She is driven, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic. She follows and understands important trends in a digital world that seems to change by the minute. It is always a pleasure to work with her and she was truly a 'breath of fresh air' in revamping and strengthening our outreach and communication efforts."

Megan Gilbert

Vice President

Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT

"Elissa spearheaded communications for my nonprofit, and brought a whole new level of polish and professionalism to our press outreach. She spearheaded much-needed redesign of our website and helped create a superior and highly functional site. Finally, she enhanced our social media profile and outreach — helping us connect more effectively with more supporters and colleagues."

— Lisa Tepper Bates

President and CEO

United Way of CT

"Elissa is a creative, connected, and collaborative marketing & communications strategist who exceeds every goal she sets for herself. Yes, Elissa is a seasoned pro in all aspects of digital and traditional marketing and communications, but above all, she is a compelling storyteller in a world full of data crunchers speaking lingo. Don’t get me wrong, Elissa can talk metrics and analytics with the best of them, but what she does best is get to the heart of things. Again and again, audiences respond. Elissa drives real results." 

— Margaret Milnes

Director of Membership Marketing & Partnerships

Mystic Seaport Museum

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